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Not just a fancy acronym

Named for the complex mother goddess of ancient Egypt, HATHOR LLC is the parent company for Thick and Proud Sisters-TAPS, Sisters Increasing Positive Progression, and Queen Franklin's Closet.

Just as HATHOR was known as the Goddess who created and maintained all life on earth, and honored as goddess of the sky, fertility, music, and dance and as the symbolic mother of the pharaoh, or ruler, we celebrate being women who acknowledge and accept our obligation to be the best women, sisters, mothers, community leaders and servants that we can be. 


We recognize our charge to restore and rebuild that which has been stolen from us and we are unapologetic about reclaiming our price, our history, our sisterhood, our communities and our Nubian power.


T. A. P. S.

(Thick And Proud Sisters)

Thick And Proud Sisters - TAPS - is an organization that empowers women and embraces sisterhood thru workshops, seminars, and sister sessions.


We operate under four primary principles: Freedom (from mental slavery); Unity (in our community); Restoration (individual and collective); Sisterhood (for each other).

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Clean Mind, Clean Spirit

Inner Enrichment w/ Value

Elevate your spiritual journey and celebrate African heritage.  We're small, local and passionate about spiritualism and cultural pride.


As our founder, Funmi Folayan Franklin, always says, "Take good care of your spiritual self."


With spiritual goodies from incense to herbs, and jewelry promoting cultural pride to chakra alignment, we are here to help you do that.

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